About Her

Jennifer Evans stands out with her determination and passion in striving towards perfection. She works hard to walk the path that leads to new and interesting experiences, more knowledge and great connections with fantastic people.

Born in 1987, Jennifer is a resilient and creative designer with a powerful drive that sees her take on projects and assignments with a sense of purpose and natural drawing flair.

Having worked within a team in practice as well as on the course, Jennifer is a keen team player: "Her generosity in sharing her expertise and her time were unique in my experience and I doubt I would have achieved what I did without her support and friendship." Amanda Briggs, Operations Director at GSE Research Limited.

When Jennifer is not glued to a computer screen or sketchbook, you'll find her out and about: usually mountain biking, motorbiking, camping, visiting family or having a good laugh with friends.

Please feel free to browse her portfolio and, should you have any questions or simply wish to meet her, get in touch.

IT Proficiency:

AutoCad, Revit
Photoshop, In-Design, Publisher
Word, Excel, Outlook
Evernote (Organiser), Sketch-Up


Available upon request

Art School in York

About this project:

Produced at Huddersfield University
Bachelor of Architecture - RIBA I

This project, a small art school, is located in York adjacent to the site for the Clifford's Tower project.

To express creativity, the North-East and South-West elevations express static and dynamic movement: The North-East elevation, visible from the road, expresses a sense of belonging through the repetitive nature of the rectilinear modules. The South-West elevation contradicts the North-East elevation in that each module leans over more and more, following the Fibonacci numbers.